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Where do you go from here?  What are your next steps?  
What resources do you need to help you decide?


My Career Profile (MCP) is designed for students like you--students who are in the process of making decisions about their future career goals, education, and college choice. Right now you may be asking yourself these types of questions:


  • “What career field is best for me?”

  • “In college, what major area of study should I pursue?”

  • “What college, university or technical institute should I attend?”


We've combined the MCP system with individual coaching to give you the EDGE you need to answer these questions based on your personal attributes, aspirations, needs and preferences.

Sort through the many different paths to college and
career satisfaction and find your best fit with the EDGE!

E -   Explore Your Options.  

         Exploring career paths based on your interests, personality, talents and values will not  only help you plan            for the education and training you need to achieve your goals, but also equip you to make decisions that              honor your values.   

D - Discover Your Path.

         Graduating from college on time as a result of choosing the right major/program can save you tens of                    thousands of dollars in extra costs. 

G - Get Set for Success.

         Good advance planning will allow you to shop around for the best financial and academic fit.  

E -  Enjoy the Journey.

          Using MCP's College and Career Planning EDGE empowers you to set realistic  occupational goals and                     choose  an educational venue supportive of your life plan so  you can enjoy the journey.  

Get Set For Success


Partner with me as your coach to unlock your full potential and achieve your goals. Coaching will help you:


  • Articulate the rationale of your career decisions and education plans.

  • Narrow down your choice of colleges or technical institutes.

  • Pinpoint your personal development needs that will help you achieve your goals.

  • Formulate strategies and action plans to achieve your career and educational objectives.

  • Discover ways to get around any obstacles that are interfering with your decision making and planning. 

A career you can love is within your reach!

The decisions you make about what major to pursue and which college to attend will influence your entire life.


The good news?  You don't have to go it alone! Compass coaching is here to help  you step by step through the process of discovering the right college and career for you.  


Through coaching you will learn how to direct your natural strengths into a career you can love. 





Think starting now is too soon?  
Think again... 


Pay for a one year subscription and as a BONUS you will also get to keep your MCP user account active throughout your remaining high school years! 



Exclusive offer

12 payments of $265 

10% off regular price $294

Offer expires December 31, 2015

EDGE includes

- One year access to My Career Profile and individual coaching

- 12 hours of individual coaching

- Payment options to suit you

- Save an additional 5% by paying your bill in full! 

- Or enjoy the convenience of making twelve monthly payments.

BONUS #1.  Free upgrade to two, three or four year access to MCP to use throughout your high school years 

BONUS #2.  Access to eight LIVE 60 minute coaching calls on how to Suit Yourself for Career Satisfaction designed to take you step by step through the process of discovering your unique promise of value.  Suit Yourself prepares you to explore occupations, identify a major, and search for colleges that suit you best.

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